Barn dancing is fantastic aerobic exercise for any age, and lots of fun too - just watch the smiles

We use simple dances that are easy to learn - you'll be dancing in 5 minutes even if you have never danced before in your life!

For our line dances, we play a selection of mostly mainstream Country Rock music or pop music with the emphasis on songs that will get your feet tapping. With the barndancing, we get everyone partnered up and dancing in circles, square sets, or double lines (known as "Reels").

We usually run a maximum of 3 sets of around 30 minutes in a typical evening, doing around 3 dances per set. If people want shorter sets we can do 4 X 20 min sessions, with 2 dances in each session. Before each dance, we walk everyone through the steps until they are comfortable, and then we dance to the music!

The focus can be either on the more traditional dances, in which guests dosie-doe, heel-and-toe, and swing their partners, or more modern line dancing, which is all about movin' your feet wit' the beat, but not in partners. It works very well to do a mix of both styles

Here is an example of one of our dances:

With children having such a range of interests and tastes, and what is considered to be cool, plus the fact that many are verging on puberty and the awkwardness that often accompanies it, we have nevertheless always found the Barndance theme a roaring success.

The key element is “100% involvement,” and this Caroline very skilfully achieves through her expert guiding and “calling” and the renditions of her refreshing repertoire of barn dances, square dances, and line dances.

Our sincere thanks go to Caroline for these fun-filled, memorable occasions. We would certainly not hesitate to recommend her to anyone wishing to engage in her services.
— The Grade 6 Teachers, Fish Hoek Primary School